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I'd like to thank Andrea from Moonwalkers for salvaging our relationship with our puppy! We had obviously forgotten what having a puppy was like. Needless to say, we were beyond frustrated with the way our training was going. He wasn't listening at all, biting, jumping, etc...we decided we needed the help of a professional! Andrea is just that. After just one session we noticed a change in our dog's behavior! With her help, he is definitely a better, calmer dog and finding his spot in the family! Thank you so much! We truly appreciate it!!

~Kerry S.

We contacted Moonwalkers in early summer of 2015 when our Boston Terrier/Bull Dog, Lexi, developed a sudden case of separation anxiety. She had begun digging into our upstairs carpet each day after I would leave for work or when my wife Kim and I would go out somewhere. Seeing the anxiety level with Lexi and the stress it was putting on Kim and I not knowing how to fix the situation, we knew it was time to reach out to a professional for help with the problem. After calling Moonwalkers, Andrea came over to discuss the situation, and to get a full assessment on the environment and patterns that we were dealing with. She constructed a customized program in which she would work directly with Lexi during the week (including nature hikes) and then work with Lexi, Kim and I as a group to finish out the week. The customized program included: changed walk routines, feeding habits and mental/ physical exercise/calming sessions for Lexi that had an instant effect. The results were amazing. We are happy to report that Lexi is back to being happy and relaxed in the mornings when we leave for work again. Andrea did a fantastic job of teaching all three of us a new way of operating that keeps everyone happy. We can't thank her enough for her efforts and we have and will continue to recommend Moonwalker's services to anyone looking for answers to issues with their dogs.

~Pat and Kim T.

I called Andrea out of desperation. We had rescued Sunny, our lab mix pup at 8weeks of age. What started out as a love affair with our puppy, soon became a rollercoaster of good behavior one day and poor behavior the next. We knew a puppy would come with some growing pains. We called Andrea when Sunny had started puppy biting and our clothes and hands had the bite marks to prove it. Andrea was calm and reassuring about Sunny's behavior, immediately coming up with a plan and implementing it. She even included a lesson at our home to teach our grandchildren how to avoid those sharp puppy teeth. Her plan included tips on walking her, teaching her a lot of basic commands and taking Sunny to public places to get acclimated to social situations. We started working with Andrea when Sunny was about 10 weeks old. We were only able to get a solid training period of about three weeks in. The positive effects of that early training are obvious even now, five months later. Some family issues prevented us from continuing our training full time, but Andrea gave us pointers on daily training at home. She also was kind enough to work with us when we were available, even though it is sporadic. We liked that she does not train dogs by using fear tactics and we learned a lot about why our pup was behaving the way she was. Andrea laid the foundation for us to have a relationship of mutual respect with Sunny.

~Sharon S.

Andrea has truly changed our lives – helping to make each day much happier and far less stressful. We have an active, young lab, Pippa, and a less patient Basset Hound, Flash, who is unappreciative of Pippa’s over-the-top enthusiasm. Andrea has worked tirelessly and has extended tremendous flexibility with our hectic schedules to help Pippa learn to be a calmer, less destructive and now, wonderful part of our family. She has offered countless tips and techniques to help us better understand her mindset and manage her energy. Andrea has become an important part of our family. We highly recommend her and Moonwalkers Pet Services to provide a very positive, constructive and loving environment for your pet.

~Rachel H.

Andrea is very patient with both pets and their families. She is very knowledgeable, answers questions, and does her research. I think she really loves the animals she works with, and my dog adores her in return.

~Jen S.

“Andrea and Chris are wonderful! I trust them both implicitly. Very conscientious, considerate and knowledgeable. Charlie seems to be very happy and loves his walks. Very accommodating with my schedule. Can’t say enough great things!”

~Cara J.

"Andrea and Chris have been a blessing for me and P.J. As you all know how much we love our four legged best friend. I am worry free knowing Andrea and Chris have been walking P.J. daily. I work long hours and I’m sure PJ just loves his walks and visits while I’m gone. Moonwalkers Pet Service has been dependable, sincere and caring when it comes to P.J. I would and have recommended them to others.”

~Kristina D.

“We have been extremely pleased with having Chris and Andrea take care of out pets. They are very reliable, knowledgeable and caring. Hermione loves them and really looks forward to their visits. They can truly be trusted with your pet and my mind is at ease knowing that Hermione will be getting a visit from Chris or Andrea each day. The team is also very flexible and have accommodated us in last minute requests. We also have utilized the overnight services when we went away. It was very reassuring to know that Hermione was with Moonwalkers and that our cats and fish had some company too.”

~Scott B.

“Moonwalkers Pet Service has been wonderful with my dog and has helped to simplify my life. The service is extremely reliable and they are very caring with my dogs. I am confident that they are very well cared for and happy. Couldn’t do without them!”

~Terry R.

“Andrea has brought us her knowledge and experience in training and helped us with our three month old puppy and his older brother. She works with Charlie on the leash, with basic commands and feeding. Andrea cares for our babies when we are at work. She is extremely professional and reliable! We are so happy to have found Moonwalkers!”

~Jill L.

“Amy and I both give Andrea a Five Star Rating! Great experience since day one! Trustworthy, responsible and dependable. It is obvious that Andrea is in the business of enjoying and loving animals. My chocolate lab is always excited to see her and I can count on impeccable care for my ‘baby’! Andrea is a lovely person to have in our family’s environment.”

~Dale G.

“My experience with Moonwalkers has been nothing but positive! They are as professional as they are caring. Andrea is reliable, dependable and trustworthy…as well as a true animal lover…Just the best around!”

~Gloria R

“Outstanding! Has been a huge part of crate training our new puppy. Very reliable and flexible with the schedule, also very accommodating to our requests…..also always available for any questions we may have”

~Sarah G.

“I am very grateful to Moonwalkers for their understanding and willingness to help me when I’m in a pinch for time and options. I hope to continue using their services”

~Briony B.

“I really appreciate the follow up call from Andrea….I will contact Moonwalkers for further pet sitting services in the future”

~Susan D.

“Glad a company like M.P.S is out there…great to have this vs. a kennel option for my pet”

~Frank N.